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Agave guiengola 'Creme Brulee'
Size (ships bareroot) - 5.5" pot $9.95
Height Light
24 - 30 in. Sun Yellow 9 - 1

This elegant selection with a soft color palette forms an open rosette of super thick, boat-shaped leaves that lay more flat than upright. The broad, grey-green leaves have 1” wide, butter cream yellow to creamy white margins. Tiny but sharp, dark brown spines line the leaf margins, culminating in a longer terminal spine. ‘Cream Brulee’ produces variegated offsets with very narrow leaves. It typically offsets rather prolifically. Agaves typically flower only once every 15-25 years and the main crown dies after blooming. At maturity, this variety produces a 5-6’ tall spike with pale yellow flowers.

Care: Agave is a tender perennial or "temperennial" succulent plant that grows best in full sun. Light afternoon shade is recommended in the hottest parts of the country. Plant in well-drained, dry to average soil in containers just slightly wider than the width of the rosette or plant directly in the ground. In summer when the plants are actively growing, they appreciate a bit of supplemental watering and half-strength fertilizer. They should be grown dry in winter. Agave is a slower grower, so it will not quickly overtake the space it is allotted in the landscape.

Agave guiengola 'Creme Brulee'

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